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When you arrive at Victoria Park aim for the Registration Desk each week which will be located to the right hand side as you look at the Main Stand. You will be issued with a temporary RFID timing tag and we will assist you in attaching it to your helmet.

As soon as you are fully equipped with a bike, helmet and timing tag you will be ready for the start line.

Please note that a maximum of 80 riders can be on the track at the same time. As this will be strictly controlled you may have to wait before being able to start.

The Start

The start will be demarcated and controlled by a member of staff. You may be required to line up as riders will start in single file with a gap of approximately 5 seconds. If your team wishes to ride together you should make sure you line up one after another. Your RFID timing tag will be activated when you cross the line.

You should only start when the track is clear behind you so make sure you look backwards before you set off.

Riding the Criterium

While the number of riders on the track will be limited please note the following:

  • If you are travelling slowly, please keep to the left.
  • Avoid sudden braking.
  • You may be on the track with less experienced riders. Please be courteous.
  • Please be particularly careful as you pass the start line. Other riders may be joining the track.
  • A section of the track adjacent to the finish line will be contacted. Please be prepared to ride single file at this point and be particularly aware of other cyclists.
  • Make sure you keep a count of the number of laps you have done. This is your responsibility!

The Finish

  • The route to the finish line will be demarcated by cones from 50 metres. Please be aware of riders that are finishing more quickly than you. Riders should enter this area in single file and stay on the left.
  • When you finish under the finish archway your final time is taken and you should immediately return your RFID to the registration area. You can check your time as well.

Extreme Weather

The Corporate Cycling Challenge follows Cycling SA’s extreme weather policy.

The event will be cancelled or postponed on any event day, where the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts the Adelaide temperature to be 37 Celsius or higher in the 4:00pm forecast issued the day before, unless it is clearly stated otherwise on the event information. The 4:00pm forecast may be found at www.bom.gov.au/weather/sa

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