• The Ironfish Corporate Cycling Challenge is open to everyone aged 18 and over.
  • All bookings for the Ironfish Corporate Cycling Challenge are made on-line on the Booking page. To start with simply check the appropriate selection in the Category box.
  • Teams may enter the 5 Lap, 10 Lap or 15 Lap Challenge. However, teams may also enter the Mixed Lap Challenge. This is for teams whose members may wish to ride different distances. The distance indicated by individual on the Registration form must be ridden each week.
  • The Registration form asks you to indicate a time block you are likely to ride. This is for indicative purposes only and does not tie you to riding at that time.
  • Two time blocks are reserved for more experienced riders. Please do not register for this time unless you are planning to ride fast and hard!
  • There is an opportunity to indicate whether you would like to use a Cycling SA bike.
  • All entries must be paid for by Paypal or Credit Card at the time of booking.
  • Additionally, please make sure your read the information about insurance!


Entry Fees

Fees are for the entire 7 week program

Early bird (before April 9th) Normal rate
Individual $50 $55
Team $240 $265

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