The Corporate Cycling Challenge is all about developing fitness and enhancing health so the competition rewards improvement over speed.

Whether you are entering as a team or an individual, it’ll be your health that is the real winner.

Here’s how the competition works

Your Team Have To Complete 6 out of 7 Rides

As a team, we understand that sometimes meetings or illness will affect your team attendance. Please keep reading for a detailed explanation on how the scoring works.

Your Teams Best Five Weeks Count

In the team competition, the top five individual times each week will count.  Therefore, if you have a team of six, the lowest individual score of the day will not count to your team’s overall weekly score.  However, if there are only five in your team, you all have to ride complete at least 6 weeks.

Example: Weekly Score – 120
Person 1 – 25 points
Person 2 – 20 points
Person 3 – 25 points
Person 4 – 10 points – This persons score will not be calculated in your teams weekly score.
Person 5 – 30 points
Person 6 – 20 points

Ride 1
Establishes each person’s base time. You receive 5 points for Ride 1. Please note, Ride 1 doesn’t have to be on Week 1.

Ride 2 to 7 – Team Competition

If you beat your best time you will score up to 40 points. If you don’t beat your score, we subtract points on a sliding scale down to 5 points. However, if there is a dramatic improvement beyond 10% you will lose points as well.

So all you have to do each week to score the maximum points of 200 is turn up and better your time within 10%

Do this five out of six weeks and your team can score a maximum of 1000 points (200 X 5).  Please note, we will maintain a complete record of all times and reward teams where all members have taken part each week for 7 weeks.

Ride 2 to 7 – Individual Competition

Like the Team Competition, you can score 40 points for beating your time and a maximum of 200 points over the program. But if you don’t beat your time or improve by more than 10% you lose points.

Riders who enter the Team Competition automatically enter the Individual Competition.

Timing System

We will be using a RFID timing system (Radio Frequency Identification Device). RFID’s will be attached to helmets and will be activated as participants go under the start line. Each lap will be recorded when go under the finish archway. The RFID is provided each week and must be returned on completion of the distance each week.

Don’t want to compete?

While you may not want to measure yourself against other people, you’ll be wanting to measure yourself against yourself as the Corporate Cycling Challenge is all about getting better. Just go through the registration process as usual.


To achieve the best results, we recommend you ride at a pace that is reasonable for your current fitness level. But don’t go deliberately slow as any dramatic future time improvement may take you beyond the 10% maximum improvement level resulting in a lesser score than 40.

Just be honest with your effort – at the end of the day, Your Health Is The Winner.

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