We had a few questions about how our timing system works.  Simply, your timing chip is read by a reader at the start tent which is the ‘beep’ you hear when you take off.  The reader is linked to a master computer that stores your start time and every time you ride under the finish arch your chip is read by one of the four readers attached to the roof of the arch and this time is also stored and works out out that lap time.  It continues to do this until the chip is deactivated.

The readers are pretty sensitive to a radius of up to 4 metres. So, if you’re doing a warm up lap with your chip and ride close to the start reader it will recognize your chip, beep, and give you a start time!

The computer stores each lap time (i.e. each time you come within 4m of the reader) and when we scan your chip shows us all the stored reads.  Sometimes it’ll show 9 laps with one lap being 5 minutes which means the reader hasn’t picked up one of your laps.  On some occasions it wont show a start time so we have to refer to the manually recorded start time.

No RFID system, however, is 100% reliable. For example, the timing chip has to be in direct sight of the reader and sometimes the chip might be faulty.  Some of you may have experienced some delays at the caravan and this will be due to reacting to an issue with the timing system but I know our timing guys try to explain any hold ups as they go along so thanks for your patience!