Safety And Insurance


In order to limit the chance of injuries, there are a number of strategies participants can use to reduce the chance of collisions and accidents.

  • You must wear an approved bicycle helmet
  • Your bicycle must be sound. If in any doubt, please have it checked out by a reputable dealer or bicycle mechanic.
  • Lights must be used if riding before sunrise of after sunset
  • When riding on the criterium, please keep to the left if you are a slow rider
  • If you are riding as a group, please be mindful of other cyclists and the general public on the track.
  • When leaving the start area, please check for on coming cyclists
  • When approaching and riding through the finish, please be aware of other cyclists who have yet to finish
  • Please show courtesy to other riders at all times. There may be inexperienced riders on the track.
  • Although they should be on a leach when the criterium is in use, please watch out for dogs
  • The criterium in not fenced off. Please watch out for the general public.
  • Despite signs indicating ‘dogs must be on a leash’, many people of the general public ignore this rule.
  • During the program, work maybe taking place on the playing field. This may involve some vehicle movement. Although this will be managed, please be aware of this.
  • Adelaide 500’s may not be 100% packed up by the start of the program. Please be aware there maybe trucks or other vehicles on the site.

The event has engaged Sports Trainers to provide immediate medical support and/or advice. In the case of any serious injury, they will contact an ambulance.


If you do not have personal insurance, you may wish to consider a product offered by Cycling Australia. The cover may be purchased for three months and costs $29. Here’s the link.

You may also wish to consider becoming a member of Cycling South Australia. Here’s the link.

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