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The Corporate Cycling Challenge gives experienced, social and non cyclists an opportunity to be active on a bike. It may benefit your existing cycling schedule, add a new dimension to your current training regime or kick start a plan just to get active.

The great thing about the Corporate Cycling Challenge is that it’s for anyone and everyone.

We will be using the front straight of the criterium track at Victoria Park in front of the old grandstand that is approximately 1.1k in length. You or your team can enter for either the 5 Lap Challenge, 10 Lap Challenge or the 15 Lap Challenge events. If members of your team want to do different distances you can enter the Mixed Lap Challenge.

Distance and Approximate Times
5 Laps will take: 10mins – 20mins
10 Laps will take: 20mins – 35mins
15 Laps will take 30mins – 60+mins
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